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Positive Displacement

At Coker Pump & Equipment Company, we are proud of our history of providing high quality pumping products since 1956. Our customers in Nevada and Central Valley / East Bay California have access to a wide selection of pumps, including positive displacement pumps. We offer gear, rotary lobe, air operated, and high pressure positive displacement pumps from many top manufacturers. Coker stocks gear pumps from Liquiflo and Viking Internal/External that can handle tough materials, including asphalt, chemical, corn syrup, fuel oil, resins, and many more. They can accommodate flows up to 1500 GPM and temperatures up to 800°F. We also carry rotary lobe pumps that serve industries from cosmetics and beverages to meat packing, chemical, and industrial. And our selection of air operated and high pressure pumps come from well-known brands like Graco, Lutz, and Versa-Matic.

Gear Pumps

  • Flows to 1,500 GPM, Pressures to 500 PSI, Viscosity to 2,000,000 SSU, Temperatures to 800°F
  • Asphalt, Chemical, Corn Syrup, Fuel Oil, Florinert, Heat Transfer Fluids, Molasses, Polymer, Resins
  • Hastelloy C, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel, Steel, Bronze


Rotary Lobe Pumps

  • Flows to 3,300 GPM, Pressures to 300 PSI
  • Cosmetic, Beverage, Confectionery, Meat Packing, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Industrial
  • Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Hastelloy-C22


Air Operated Pumps

  • Flows to 240 GPM, Pressures to 5,000 PSI, Viscosity to 100,000 SSU
  • Acids, Latex, Inks, Mine Tailings, Adhesives, Lubricants, Dyes, Corn Syrup, Starch, Wine, Paint, Pigments
  • Aluminum, Cast Iron, Hastelloy C, Teflon, Polypropylene, PVDF, Stainless Steel


High Pressure

  • Flows from .05 to 80 GPM, Pressures to 15,000 PSI
  • Dl Water, Soap Solutions, Abrasives, Caustics, Acids, Fertilizer, Chemicals, Herbicides, Slurries, Wetable Powders, boiler feed, sanitary wash down
  • Brass, Cast Iron, Kynar, Polypropylene, Staignless Steal, Teflon


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